Edith Beatriz Lopez Julca is a peruvian artist born in Lima in 1992. She comes from peruvian families from Cajamarca and Pasco. Her artistic passion began at age 5 at the Art Museum of Lima. She has a bachelor’s degree in art and design with mention in Painting from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

Her artistic work is characterized by the representation of light and its action on a surface or specific context. The language most used in her works is the geometric abstraction.
She studies the contrasts of luminosity and darkness in color and then selects a range for each work. The materials he has worked with are: electric light, sand, oil, acrylics and fabrics.

The theme that addresses his work in general is based on the book of the Gospel according to John, chapter 1, verse 5: “Light in darkness shines and darkness did not prevail against it” in representation of hope, peace, and life full that it is possible to experience within the chaos.



Pontifical Catholic University of Peru – Lima, Perú

Pontifical Javeriana University – Cali, Colombia

Andean Bible Seminary University – Lima, Perú

Overseas Ministry Study Center – Connecticut, USA